If we do your SEO while we create your website, you only pay $150, but if we go back and do it after the fact, the cost is $300.00. This is because when your site is in development, we are in-the-mode and the work goes faster, not because we are trying to rush you into anything!

Your website is practically irresistible to Google right out of the box, but if your rank on search engines is really important to you and you want that edge, we have a checklist of best-practices tasks:

  • Robots File for SEO (Search Engine Optimization): robots.txt file;
  • Site Map for SEO: sitemap.xml configuration;
  • SEO-Friendly Title Tags;
  • Careful page title creation;
  • SEO-Friendly URLs: IE: yourdomain.com/your-product-name instead of yourdomain.com/?page_id=40 ;
  • Up-to-Date Ping List: every time you create a post, a list of blog aggregators will be pinged;
  • netgenus can also register you with Google Webmasters Tools (where we set canonical preferences & submit your sitemap);
  • Google Analytics;
  • and we also add alt-tags to your images.