Here are the instructions to take a full backup of your WordPress website!
A full cPanel backup is a complete image of your website which you can download to your computer.

We can go through this on the phone if you choose to book a training session to learn how to create a FULL cPanel backup of your website ($50 for existing customers) – or you can do this yourself if you prefer. Written instructions are below.


First you need to log into your cPanel
(all netgenus customers are using cPanel)

USERNAME: [your-username]
PASSWORD: [your-password]

Now, step-by-step to create a FULL cPANEL BACKUP:

  1. Log into the cPanel
  2. 3rd or 4th section down is Files
  3. Select Backup Wizard
  4. Left panel says ‘ Backup‘ – click the “Backup–>’ button
  5. Now Left panel says ‘ Full Backup’ – click the “Full Backup–>‘ button
  6. Red letters say ‘Generate a Full Backup’ – click ‘Generate Backup‘ button (enter your own email address in the box if you wish and leave the dropdown to the default ‘Home Directory’)
  7. Now there is notification screen that your backup is in progress
  8. Click ‘Go Back
  9. Then refresh the screen every so often to see when the filename (ends with tar.gz) is a blue hyperlink which will allow you to download
  10. Click the blue hyperlink when it’s ready and choose whereabouts on your hard drive to save it
  11. Keep on file as a restore point, like an insurance policy – this is the full site AS OF THIS DATE
  12. ON THE DAY that you want to initiate a migration or restore, you should do the backup again and use that (so the latest posts will be there). In case you don’t have a good hosting company, you may one day find yourself in a situation where a tar.gz is the best way to a known-good version of your website and you will THANK YOURSELF for having this on file!

It’s simple – you’ll see!