Add An Image To Your WordPress PostAll netgenus clients get a run-through on their new website admin panel, and the funny thing is that I barely get them logged in and tell them to click “Posts” before they are away to the races and tell me something like, “OK, I got it, you just type your post into this box and hit ‘Publish’, right?”
It’s that easy.
One thing that I’d like to mention is that images are important!
If you ever stop and WATCH an average person browsing the Internet, you will notice that all they really want to do (usually) is to click pictures!
They may be looking for something specific or they may just be surfing, but if there is an image, they will click it, and/or read the text that is right next to it.
Large blocks of text almost invariably result in a ‘page bounce’ (browser leaves almost as soon as it lands on the page).
Let’s face it: nobody wants to read a solid page of text unless it is specific information of interest.
Your readers will love you more!
Here is a quick tuturial in case you haven’t found the little ‘Add an Image’ icon in your admin panel: