Taking your business to the next level in 2013Taking your business to the next level in 2013

At netgenus we have taken a good, long, hard look at where we are going this year, and like you, we are aiming for the next level!

The nature of online marketing, from website to paid search campaigns, continues to evolve at a breakneck pace. For the past few years, netgenus has focused mostly on building awesome, reasonably-priced, Google-friendly websites for small businesses just like yours from Victoria, BC to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We’re Here To Help!

This year, we are going to put more emphasis on the full-spectrum of services which our customers need to boost sales, build their businesses, and get that phone ringing!

  1. [learn_more caption=”STRATEGY – start with an overview, a budget, and a step-by-step plan”] The first thing you need to do is take stock of where you are and decide where you want to be. Make a realistic sales goal for example and determine a budget to achieve it. Everybody is different and we are happy to help you find the very best ‘bang for your buck’ depending on the market you are in, how much you want to spend (and of course we know you want the most for your money!), and a step-by-step plan of action[/learn_more]
  2. [learn_more caption=”CONTENT – start a blog / newsletter today – we can help”] Why not give Google what it wants? Google is looking for GREAT CONTENT! At netgenus we use strictly pure-as-the-driven-snow white hat SEO practices – mostly great content – to get our customers to the top of Google![/learn_more]
  3. [learn_more caption=”SEO TUNEUP – if you haven’t already, NOW is the time”] One-time SEO: $150 – We do a lot of search-engine friendly extras on your website included in the price, but if your rank on search engines is really important to you, netgenus can register you with Google Webmasters Tools (where we set canonical preferences & submit your sitemap), Google Analytics, add alt-tags to your images, add an up-to-date ping-list, and double-check your robots.txt, sitemap.xml, page titles & keyword density[/learn_more]
  4. [learn_more caption=”GOOGLE PLUS LOCAL (was Google Places) – yes you need this!”] Google Places has been transformed to Google Plus Local – If you don’t see your little red pin on the map when you search for your business niche combined with your city on Google, give us a call and we can get you on the map literally & figuratively![/learn_more]
  5. [learn_more caption=”MOBILE VERSION – automatically formats for handhelds”] Check out *this website* on your mobile phone for an example of our mobile version. It’s really important nowadays to have a mobile version for people on the go. If you are a netgenus customer, your website is WordPress and for a limited time, you can get a mobile version of your site for only $50! [/learn_more]
  6. [learn_more caption=”CHINESE VERSION – introduce yourself in Mandarin!”] Vancouver in particular has a large and fast-growing Chinese community who like to search for services in their native language! Getting a Chinese version of your site is a great way to introduce yourself to this vital community![/learn_more]
  7. [learn_more caption=”PAY PER CLICK – PPC is becoming a need-to-have”] Let us know your budget and your objectives and we can help you choose a program that fits you perfectly![/learn_more]
  8. [learn_more caption=”EMAIL LIST – – Best practices to start your opt-in list now”] Start collecting emails now – you’d be surprised how many of your customers WANT to hear from you[/learn_more]
  9. [learn_more caption=”VIDEO / YOUTUBE CHANNEL – Who wants to read?”] Customers really connect with you when you have a video – there are lots of options! In case you didn’t get the memo, Google OWNS youtube.com and having your video on it gives you a whole extra layer of SEO…[/learn_more]
  10. [learn_more caption=”SOCIAL MEDIA (facebook, twitter, linkedin) – a nice-to-have”] At netgenus we consider social media to be a nice-to-have element of your Internet marketing plan. Assuming you don’t want to spend your day on facebook.com (or pay your employees to), you can at least start out with a branded page or profile and use twitterfeed.com to push out your blogs automatically – give us a call to find out more![/learn_more]

Feeling confused about all of that? Just give us a call at (604) 440-3564 and we’ll go back to #1 and create a strategy together to get your phone ringing and boost your business to the next level for 2013!

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