netgenus solutions specializes in providing Vancouver small businesses with great-looking, feature-rich, easy-to-navigate, easy to upgrade, cutting-edge websites, which do great on the search engines – for a very low cost.

What is the point in having a beautiful website that nobody can find on Google? It would be like having a fabulous 5-star hotel in the middle of nowhere, with no maps or signage outside.

So many Vancouverites are entrepreneurs and either work for, or own, small businesses.

It seems that just about everyone in the city of Vancouver either has a website, needs a website, or at least knows someone who doesn’t have a website but really needs one for his or her small business or home-based enterprise.

The people and companies who need a website but don’t already have one generally fall into one of the following categories:

  1. they don’t understand the Internet at all, and whenever they talk to a Vancouver web design company, they get confused and don’t pursue the project.
  2. they want a cheap website, but not a cheap-LOOKING website
  3. They have received quotes from various Vancouver web designers and the costs were in the thousands, despite the fact that all they needed was a basic, professional-looking website with the usual pages and functionality for a small business
  4. they have a clear picture of what they want, and it is a custom job. They are probably perfectionists and are waiting until they have all their ‘ducks in a row’ with content written, a strategy developed, and a Vancouver web development agency with a track record in delivering similar sites already selected (that is a process in and of itself)

At netgenus solutions, we do everything possible to take the pain and high costs out of the way for people who need a basic website, but are stymied by the process of domain registration, hosting company selection, decisions about subjects they know little about, and high costs for custom design.

Check out our price list & portfolio.

If you or someone you know needs a website LAST YEAR, and still doesn’t have one, try referring them to netgenus solutions for a quick quote, a fast development time, and an amazingly low cost. They will feel taken care of, with the whole process explained (not OVER-explained) and as little as $400 and a week later, they can be showing off their great new website, up and running, live on the Internet, with a proper email address (let’s face it, is not that impressive on a business card!).

If numbers 1 through 3 on the list above describe you or someone you know who is trying to find a Vancouver web design company, contact netgenus for a quote – it’s free!