WORDPRESS WEBSITES are a fantastic way to have a fully functional, professional looking website up and running in a flash – WITH a fully functional CMS – that is, a content management system, enabling you to log into the admin panel and manage all your content YOURSELF.

netgenus can maintain your sites for you for a reasonable fee, but it is so easy, that with a quick runthrough, you’ll be able to add or remove pages and update all your own content. Click here for more information about how to get started with your personal or corporate blog or a non-blog business site.

All netgenus solutions WP sites incorporate a plugin called “All-in-One-SEO” which allows custom titles and descriptions for each page – it works perfectly.

Another plugin is used to create an XML Google site map.

There are so many other techniques, but those are just a couple of plugins used with *every* WP installation for basic SEO.

The $500 WordPress site involves the following:
•    (provided by you) good content on the site (on the pages) – that is what the search engines are really looking for
•    Titles which are well-thought-out to target your desired key phrases
•    Content arranged properly with attention to keyword density and matching page titles
•    Some images with “alt tags” (those tooltips you see when you hover over an image in Internet Explorer)

There are a lot of other SEO techniques and the SEO needs some maintenance, but for the most part, as long as you have enough good content, the above will get you a good position on Google, as long as you aren’t going for a keyword like “SEO” – that is the hardest, for obvious reasons!

If you go ahead with the $500 WP site, give it a week or two, and see how it does with all the best practices techniques  listed above.

If your site isn’t on the front page of Google, or if you want to make it higher, netgenus can do more intensive SEO for you for a reasonable fee.